What are you thinking in this moment?

Welcome back to Maggie’s Corner! Weekly, I’ll share suggestions and practices to enrich and deepen your spiritual journey.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or even if you’ve never practiced meditation before, I’m a firm believer that it is essentially a practice which teaches us how to relate to life as it arises – good or bad, welcome or unexpected. In essence, during meditation, we are practicing noticing when we stray from the present moment and repeatedly training ourselves to return to the present moment. Why is that important?

Well, consider if I asked you at this moment to close your eyes and sit without thinking. What do you suppose would happen? Would there be thought? Distraction? Frustration at the mere suggestion to sit still?

Chances are you would hear one thought lead to another and another and another. Most of us might not even be tuned in to the fact that our internal dialogue is truly running the show.

In this episode of Maggie’s Mindful Moments on YouTube, I’ll share how to incorporate meditation into your daily lives as a practice toward quieting your internal dialogue.


At times, we have both sides of a conversation repeating in our mind without even realizing. The real problem is that frequently, we fail to check in with our thinking to ask ourselves if what we are thinking is actually true.

However, the silence is forever accessible to us. It is we who fill up the silence with thought.

The Practice

This week, just stop every so often and connect to your inner dialogue. Stop for a minute and examine how you are relating to whatever arises. Watch how your thoughts jump from one thing to another. Ask yourself if what you are thinking is true or if you made it up.

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