Simple Meditation Tips

I’m happy to introduce Maggie’s Mindful Moments, where I will share suggestions, tips, and practices to enrich and deepen your spiritual journey.

This week, we are starting it off with a short YouTube video where I share a simple tidbit about meditation.

Oftentimes, students tell me they can’t successfully meditate because they aren’t able to stop their internal chatter. They have a mistaken belief that in order to meditate, somehow eliminating all internal chatter is a must.

This, therefore, is the first and most common misperception about meditation, and unfortunately, keeps many would-be meditators away.

Insight #1:  While the benefits of meditation are vast, believing you must get rid of something or try to change yourself is a subtle aggression against who you really are.

Insight #2:  Meditation is about befriending who you already are and bringing loving-kindness to yourself throughout the process.

Insight #3:  Use meditation as a means of reconnecting with your innermost self with curiosity, compassion and intrigue. Start right where you are.

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