Show Up For Your Life

This week, we ask a fundamental question: Why and in what ways do we check out of our lives? 

What are some of your ways of checking out? Do you use talking as a way to avoid what’s really going on? Do you reach for your phone to scroll through countless Instagram posts? Maybe you overeat or binge-watch Netflix? Perhaps you shop or gamble to avoid some aspect of yourself or your life.

These are crazy times we’ve been living in. Our lives are grinding to a halt, which makes the ways we check out much more evident. Just by noticing how you do, you are already on the path toward awakening.

It’s time to check back into your life.

It’s time to show up for all of it. Whether it’s the happy times filled with love and laughter or the meltdowns, every experience that happens in our lives only happens once. Keep in mind, if we aren’t present to it, it’s as if the experience never happened.

Take a few minutes to watch this week’s video . . .

Show up for your life. Dance with it. Let your experiences, good or bad, challenging or exciting, be your partner.

Just taking a few moments to stop and notice may give you a unique opportunity to check back into your life. See if you can begin to notice all of the ways in which you might tend to check out or distract yourself from the present moment. This is the beginning of what it means to be on the path toward awakening.

Bring awareness into your life and be open to every experience.

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