As a Shamanic Medicine Woman, Maggie Kelly utilizes her ancient wisdom of Andean traditions to help you heal on a spiritual level. This type of healing involves delving into your present experiences, conducting a thorough assessment of your energy body and chakras to pinpoint areas of stagnation and blockages. Employing the Decoupling technique, Maggie Kelly skillfully disentangles your fight-flight-freeze response from your central and autonomic nervous systems, creating deep relaxation and profound healing. Maggie then focuses on opening and illuminating any affected chakras, revitalizing your energetic field to restore harmony and vitality.Shamanic Healing aims to restore harmony and balance within your spiritual and energetic fields, heal deep-seated spiritual and emotional wounds, and reconnect you with your spiritual path.

Energy Healing

Maggie Kelly uses her expertise and knowledge on Andean shamanic wisdom to focus on your energy field and chakras, which are located just inches from your physical body. Through a diligent assessment process, she identifies and clears any blockages and stagnant energies that may manifest as physical ailments or emotional distress. Maggie utilizes specialized techniques such as the Decoupling Process and Illumination to restore balance and vitality, providing you with deep, transformative healing on both an energetic and physical level.


Energy Healing aims to balance the body’s energy fields, clear blockages, and promote overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It seeks to improve the flow of energy throughout your body, enhancing your natural healing processes.

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