Relax Into Presence

As a spiritual teacher and coach, I am often asked how to “become enlightened.” Let me first say that anyone asking the question is already on the path toward awakening. Surprisingly, that inquiry is one of the most profound steps along the path.

A spiritual awakening is for all beings.

It’s not an escape from life, a rejection of the world or somewhere to “get” to. There’s no need to try to make something happen or to strive or struggle. Rather, it is simply about exploring the current state of where you are.

My spiritual teachings are simply a way to point to what is and always has been here, but perhaps we may not see the presence of.

In reality, that state of being can only be understood by experiencing it.

It’s a bit like waking up from a dream and understanding that you are not a separate being. That “being” is actually pure consciousness; the underlying nature of reality of who you are and all there is.

Spiritual awakenings are momentary glimpses first before there’s a full awakening. Actually, that awakening is the beginning of exploring your true nature.

Once we become present to it, it’s actually the end of the “seeker” and the beginning of that awakening.

Sometimes, this experience is called awakened awareness. Essentially, you are awakening from your mind and therefore beginning to understand that you are not your thoughts, you are simply the thinker of your thoughts.

All perceptions are being witnessed. They cannot be seen, heard, felt, touched or tasted.

This week, I invite you to relax and practice noticing your thoughts. Notice that as your thoughts come and go, your awareness is still there, already and always.

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