Obstacles to Our Happiness

We seem to always be busy, chasing or grasping at something. There are so many things we want to do all at the same time. It’s as if we don’t have any free time to just live.

The operative word here is free. In Buddhist terms, we would say liberated. Real happiness cannot exist when we are not liberated.

How can we be liberated, free or happy if we think that all the doing-ness and burdens we carry are necessary as a means to an end of happiness? That sounds like life living me, rather than me living my life.

What if I were to ask you to step back and look a little more closely at your life and how you choose to use your time? If we all took a little time to do that, I think we would surprise ourselves to see that all of the things at which we grasp, the things that keep us constantly busy, are in fact the very obstacles to our own happiness.

What if we re-evaluate our lives? Now, inside of these truly C R A Z Y times, is the perfect opportunity for us to do so. Can we practice letting go of the “to-do” list, the hamster wheel of life, the fears that undoubtedly are taking center stage about now? Let them go. In letting them go, we learn that true happiness can only come by way of freedom to actually experience a more awakened life.

Once we let go of some of what we think we are supposed to be doing in order to be happy and begin practicing love and compassion, we can start truly living a liberated or “awakened” and happy life.

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