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Combining Western psychological approaches with ancient Eastern traditions, practices and teachings, my psycho-spiritual approach provides you with a much deeper cut than traditional coaching and/or therapy. My sessions include the option to deepen your transformational experience by including mindfulness and meditation as part of our process. Together, we will uncover, discover and discard your expired and outdated internal dialog and limiting beliefs. I will support, create space for and hold you accountable as you travel the road toward transforming your life from one of striving to one of thriving. I will guide you in creating the life you envision, no longer being used, smothered or stymied by your limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior.

I offer one-on-one personalized coaching sessions in person locally at Satsang House or via Zoom or phone from anywhere in the world. Optional guided meditation can be added to your sessions. There are several convenient package options for you to choose from.

Are You Looking for a Life Coach Who Specializes in Spiritual Practices and Shamanic Medicine Healing?

Shamanic Healing

Experience the ancient wisdom of the Andean shamans with Shamanic Medicine Woman Maggie Kelly. Maggie will explore your current experiences before delving into an assessment of your energy body and chakras, identifying any blockages or areas of stagnation. With precision, she will perform a Decoupling technique, separating your fight-flight-free response from your central and autonomic nervous systems. Following this, Maggie will work to open and illuminate any affected chakras, bringing balance and vitality to your energetic field. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Book your 90-minute session today.

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Energy Medicine

Unlock the ancient teachings of the Andean shamans through the expertise of Shamanic Medicine Woman Maggie Kelly. Begin your journey with Maggie as she delves into your current experiences, leading to a comprehensive assessment of your energy body and chakras to unveil any blockages or areas of stagnation. With expert precision, Maggie employs the Decoupling technique, liberating your fight-flight-free response from your nervous systems. Witness the restoration of balance and vitality as Maggie illuminates and opens any affected chakras, revitalizing your energetic field. Are you ready to embrace transformation? Secure your spot for three 90-minute sessions today and embark on a path of renewal and empowerment.

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Join us for this transformative ceremony, where you’ll have the chance to shed the outdated narratives that have confined you. You’re familiar with them—the stories you’ve shared with friends about your family, upbringing, or past experiences that have shaped your identity. These tales no longer serve your journey towards discovering your authentic purpose. They’ve reached their expiration date. It’s time to release them and embrace a new chapter of self-discovery and fulfillment.

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Life Coaching

Whether you are feeling stuck and uncertain about your next steps in your work, relationships or life in general, or perhaps are new to a spiritual path or wanting to enrich and deepen your existing journey, I will support you toward rediscovering your deepest desires, interests and life’s purpose. Together we will map out your next steps and create a game plan for their execution. Let’s start with a complimentary 30 minute chat via zoom or phone.

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Spiritual Guidance

I am a Certified spiritual life coach, meditation instructor and have fulfilled all of the requirements for the program in Compassion-Based Psychotherapy and Embodied Transformation from Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Sciences.

I incorporate ancient Eastern traditions, philosophies and meditation into my work to support you in uncovering or rediscovering your true self. Coupled with compassionate dialog and spiritual inquiry, I will guide, teach, support and mentor you along the path toward spiritual awakening. Let’s start with a quick, complimentary 30 minute call – via phone or zoom.

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As a certified meditation instructor with a decades- long daily meditation practice, I bring my vast knowledge, experience and expertise to teach you the practice of mindfulness and meditation and how to incorporate meditation into a lifelong practice. Our weekly community meditation gatherings support your journey, providing you with a beautiful and peaceful space for deep connection and reflection in a community of like-minded friends.

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Workshops, Retreats, Online Courses & Programs

Are you ready to immerse yourself into a comprehensive guided online or in-person workshop or retreat?


Consider Maggie your spiritual friend, teacher, counselor and coach. Maggie offers several different online programs, workshops and retreats.

“Maggie has an amazing ability to pinpoint root issues and provide expert guidance, knowledge of meditation, and life coaching practices that have led me towards gaining a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle with my work and personal life.”

Patrick Magnier

“She’s kind, compassionate, and really takes the time to get to know you. She taught me the importance of self compassion and guided me through many changes in my life. I learned how to incorporate meditation as a daily practice and the tools I gained working with her have been invaluable. If you’re looking for a life coach to help guide you in your journey, I highly recommend Maggie!”

Kristin Springborn

“Spiritual life coaching with Maggie was uplifting, inspirational, and motivating. We put together practical and easy to implement strategies to help me move forward. I already feel shifts happening in my business and spiritual life. I am looking forward to our next session! I highly recommend Maggie!”

Darby Hanson

“My experience with Maggie as my spiritual coach has been groundbreaking. We’ve been able to get down to the knitty-gritty on what it is that I came here to accomplish. The mantra meditation at the end of our sessions is just what I need to bring me back into the present, as I allow myself to just be. I look forward to our future sessions with so much appreciation for the knowledge she shares and the peace I find at the end of each session.”

Yadira Tanory

Are you ready to let go of your preconceived notions of yourself and your future?

Are you ready to empower yourself to take action to live an awakened life of passion, meaning and purpose?

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