Meditation in Times of Uncertainty

Welcome back! In last week’s YouTube episode of Maggie’s Mindful Moments, I shared how we can incorporate a daily meditation practice into our lives in an effort toward quieting our internal dialogue

Tune in to this second episode, where we explore how this incredibly unpredictable and unsettling time keeps us in a heightened state of “fight, flight or freeze.”


When we are in this constant survival mode, as we are now, not only is it nearly impossible to connect to our true nature and our true self, it’s also quite harmful to our health. Our physical health is affected, as well as our spiritual and mental health.

Incorporating meditation as a new daily habit now will set you up to be better able to handle the stress and uncertainty of these current times as well as the stress of life post-pandemic.

The Practice

This week, see if you can carve out ten minutes each day to sit in stillness. Close your eyes and notice your breathing. Even if you find your thoughts swirling or you feel anxious to move, see if you can sit quietly and become aware of any thoughts or feelings without judgment. Take a few deep breaths and allow your physiology to rest in the stillness.

You can profoundly reduce stress with a daily meditation practice. Over time and with practice, you’ll find slipping into the stillness easier and more natural. You’ll also begin to notice the subtle but very profound benefits of meditation in your daily life and interactions with others. There is no better time than right now to start your practice!

I am here to support you in creating a lifetime habit of daily meditation. Please reach out directly at if I can assist you in any way.

As a life, business and spiritual coach, meditation practitioner and spiritual teacher, Maggie Kelly has helped hundreds uncover, discover and discard their conditioned existence, habitual patterns and limiting beliefs which prevent them from living the life they envision. Join Maggie for a Complimentary 30-Minute Life Coaching Session today.