Intentions Vs. Goals

New Year’s always brings this idea that we should set some resolutions, some ways to improve our lives, our weight, our attitudes, something. But have you ever noticed that once March rolls around, all those great resolutions seem to have vanished? We end up beating ourselves up for letting yet another year go by with our goals unfulfilled.

How about instead of creating resolutions this year, you create intentions?

So how is that any different?

Goals have an absolute to them. Many times they also include some sort of self-imposed deadline. When that date comes and goes and we haven’t yet lost the ten pounds, saved the $300 or found a new job, we tend to make ourselves wrong and assume somehow that we’ve “failed.”

With an intention, instead of focusing on the outcome or the end goal, we simply get clear about what we want. By this I mean not so much about the end result but rather the broader desire associated that would automatically bring about that result.

Literally what you are doing is planting seeds. You’re sprinkling your intentions out into the world and each day that you remind yourself of your intentions, you are watering those seeds.

Here are three valuable tips for setting powerful intentions for 2022.

  1. Get clear about the seeds you are planting. If you want financial abundance, for example, get clear about what that looks and feels like for you. Sometimes we might think we’re sending out seeds of abundance, but in fact we’ve been planting seeds of lack. Every time you say you can’t afford something, you are planting a seed of poverty. Watch your words and mind your thoughts. It would be more effective to say something like, “I have all the money I need, but I choose not to spend my money this way right now.” This shift in the way in which you plant your intentions brings energy of optimism and control, rather than victimization.

  2.  Focus on what you want. Give it attention and give it love. If you have your heart set on getting a promotion, for example, commit to holding yourself to the idea that you already have the promotion. By believing that what you want is not only possible, you are actually releasing resistance and allowing your desires to flow easily to you.

    Remember, energy flows where attention goes. Whatever you focus your attention on will increase in vibration. Check on how you’ve been focusing your attention by taking inventory of what you currently have going on in your life. If your current situation is undesirable, then it’s possible you’ve been focusing on negativity in some arena of your life.

  3. Let go of your attachment to the result. This one is a tricky one. But when we are attached to the outcome of the intentions we set, it only sets us up for that spiral of unfulfilled expectations leading to disappointment, guilt and hopelessness.

Just set the intention, focus on already having what it is you intend and let go. 

You can never control the outcome of your intentions, you can only set the intention for its fulfillment, the rest just isn’t up to you.

As you think about setting your intentions for this year, the next two years and beyond, I would love to come along side you to help you see those intentions through. Accountability, encouragement, and guidance are key factors to success in life. Feel free to reach out to me for an INTRODUCTORY COACHING SESSION. I would love to partner with you on your journey.