Handling Sticky Situations with Grace

Welcome back to Maggie’s Corner! In this week’s video, we explore what it looks like to have compassionate boundaries and I share an example from my own life when I put this principle into practice.

Let me ask you a question. Are you the type of person who allows others to walk all over you? Or do you often say “yes” when you really want to say “no,” only to later feel resentful at the person who asked you?

When it comes to setting boundaries, some of us can fall into the trap of being the “people pleaser,” acquiescing to another’s desires over our own needs just to keep the peace. At other times, we forgo our needs for the sake of another for fear of rejection or abandonment.

In this episode, I share what in earlier years would have been some “sticky situations” that I was handling. After reevaluating some of my automatic habitual patterns, instead, I was able to see how my own growth and awareness helped me handle a situation that otherwise would have certainly turned out much differently.

Every relationship we have is a mirror to reflect how we feel about ourselves. If we’re present to it, each person in our lives can become an important teacher for our personal growth.

Join me as I share how cultivating a sense of presence, grace, and inserting a pause allowed me to watch myself in action. This made all the difference to my keeping my self-respect intact while setting compassionate boundaries. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE