Freaking Out Is Good News

Welcome! I have good news for you. Feeling unsettled is good news!

One of the essential lessons as we embark on the path of awakening is to understand there will be times when we may feel like we are losing our footing. Anxiety might overtake us. We start freaking out a little.

When we begin practicing meditation or any other spiritual endeavor, we naturally are confronted with letting go of some of our habitual ways of responding and being, which can make us feel a little lost. Then, add the pandemic to the scene and it is no small wonder if you are feeling “off.”

Not to worry! This is a sign that things are starting to break loose …


Our first inclination might be to struggle, kick, and fight this state of groundlessness because it’s unfamiliar. Then we grasp and cling to something that feels more stable, like the past. That’s natural, but my advice is just the opposite:

Instead of fighting it, see if you can just allow room for it. Let it unfold. 

Allow yourself to feel your anxiety and experience this feeling of groundlessness.

A feeling of being unsettled or a little bit of anxiety is a mark that reality is beginning to break through our shell. Even though it sometimes feels overwhelming, it’s a sign that you are on the right track. The more you stay with the feelings and don’t try to run from them, the better.

As you meditate longer and more regularly, many feelings, questions, and thoughts may arise. That’s okay. Most of us become ill at ease with change. Sit with these feelings with compassion and gentleness.

Practice being with the discomfort of not knowing, the discomfort of change. What you learn is that every single state of mind your life produces is a journey for you to walk through.

Be present. Don’t run. Rest assured that a tremendous amount of transformation is beginning to percolate. Stay with it.

If you’d like to connect directly with me to further discuss this, please join me for a Complimentary 30-Minute Life Coaching Session. I’d love to help you navigate this time of change and uncertainty.