Fear and Impermanence


Most of us fear death and impermanence. Not just the death of a loved one but the end of a relationship, a move across the country, a job change, that kind of “death.” 

There’s never been a time like the past few years for each of us to be confronted with change and uncertainty. For some of us, it’s caused panic, anxiety, fear, confusion. We’ve been knocked out of our comfort zone and it’s unsettling. But, it’s also been a wonderful opportunity for us to explore our own relationship to fear and impermanence.  

What if instead of viewing impermanence as some kind of a negative aspect of our lives, we consider impermanence to be the very basis of our lives? 

If you think about it. If everything in life was permanent, stagnant, unchanging, we wouldn’t have life. That little seedling sprouting in the garden would never grow up to become a tomato. Our newborn baby would never grow up to become an adult. 

Life itself is impermanent. 

This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s actually because of this impermanence that we value our lives. If we are constantly worrying about what will happen tomorrow or next year, it’s impossible to live in this moment right now deeply. 


When we begin to accept that all things in life are impermanent we have a chance not to be incapacitated by suffering when things decay and die. 

When we begin to accept that all things are impermanent that we have a chance at remaining peaceful and content in the face of change, of prosperity, of decline, success and failure. 

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