Facing the Cause of Your Fears

In these days of civil unrest and global pandemic, it can be challenging to stay positive. But instead of staying stuck in the feelings of suffering, it’s wise to begin looking at the causes of suffering.

Most human beings have no desire to look at their suffering and prefer avoiding it by not facing it directly. We move immediately into the fight, flight, or freeze response the very instant we feel threatened. It’s not a conscious behavior; it’s an ingrained human behavior.

These are natural responses. However, unless we are present to our behavior around feeling threatened, these responses to our fears become habitual.


When suffering is acute and our fear increases, it’s tempting to fixate on what’s wrong with the world “out there” or how others disappoint us. What if instead of the automatic response, instead, we confront our fear?

What if we ask ourselves: How can I get closer to my suffering?

People have more capacity to handle suffering than I think they know. If we get right down to it, it is in this suffering where most growth happens.