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Are you having difficulty managing your emotions when you are triggered?

Do you feel like your life is in limbo and not sure how to move forward?

Like many of us, we may feel ourselves getting hooked but not have any idea how to prevent ourselves from reacting in ways that might not be appropriate for the circumstance or event at hand. On top of that, we feel like we’re living our lives in some sort of limbo, searching for a purpose greater than ourselves. Something just feels off, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

How do you identify what hooks you and how do you catch yourself before you react to something or someone? How do you learn how to respond versus react? What is the connection between getting triggered and feeling like you are living your life in limbo? And once you uncover, discover and discard the driving forces in play, how do you shift these patterns?

For starters, it’s important to remember that it’s always the hidden parts of ourselves that trip us up in our relationships and prevent us from living the life we envision.

Stepping onto the path and taking a “peek under the hood” isn’t always easy. It’s sometimes difficult to prioritize our own wellness knowing that there will be uncomfortable parts for us to grapple with.

But it’s time to stop putting it off!  Your life will never change unless you take the steps to change it.

Until we can see and name those parts of ourselves which we might never otherwise see without the help of a human mirror, the past tends to repeat itself.


We find ourselves repeating the same patterns of behavior, reacting or even overreacting, staying in a job or relationship that has long-since expired, or living each day with the constant gnawing of knowing that there’s something calling us forward.

Until we can name and claim those unprocessed experiences and give context to them, those events continue to shape our lives without conscious awareness of their origins.

In Shamanic traditions, they say that the past will always remain in the future until it is uncovered and dealt with.

Profoundly influenced and informed by Buddhist, Shamanic and ancient Eastern traditions and with over fourteen years of meditation and coaching experience, Maggie will help you unmask and investigate the parts of the Self you have been keeping under wraps.

The practice of meditation can be incorporated into your sessions on purpose. The purpose of meditation serves to gradually bring to the surface long-since buried experiences and memories and traumas which we have resisted or attempted to keep hidden in our psychological basement. It’s only when we see them for what they are can we employ new habits and practices to respond versus react to life’s challenges.

Maggie will be your human mirror, guide, companion, mentor and coach and act as the very door into the rooms where the truth of what stops you resides. She will hold you accountable for the action plan you create together, provide you with practices and tools to change self-defeating behaviors and help you hone in on where you are best suited to make a difference with your life.