Can You Trust Yourself?

Can you trust yourself?

Do you find yourself constantly in trouble with yourself because you lie to yourself about time?

Do you make promises to yourself and others that don’t allow for the reality of interruptions, self-care, rest or play? Then you have to go back on your promises or get out of balance trying to keep up with all of the commitments you make because you were dishonest with yourself? 

Do you lie to yourself when you set big goals that are actually more wishful thinking than anything the reality of your daily life can actually handle? And then do you find that you have to go back and clean up the mess you have made with yourself? Can you trust yourself?

Do you then remember that you have become, once again, a person who can’t trust themself? 

Can you trust yourself? 

Can you tell yourself the truth? Can you keep the promises you make to yourself and to others? 

We have to be willing to take the risk to tell ourselves the truth. It’s only then that we can evolve into someone who can trust themselves. 

Being truthful to ourselves actually makes us trustworthy to all of those around us. As a bonus, it then frees up all the time we normally spend feeling guilty and regretting our own dishonestly.

Being truthful saves us from having to clean up the messes we make along the way.

If you’ve answered no to the question “can you trust yourself?” I am here to help you turn that around. Our life only changes when we start to change it! Let’s connect to talk about what is holding back from making the lasting shifts to truly start trusting yourself.