Are You “In Control”?

Without even being aware of it, some of us have difficulty in letting go of control or of how things turn out. We think somehow that we actually have control over most parts of our lives.

We’re uncomfortable being “out of control” because, depending on how severe the loss of control is, it can bring about anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, panic, and a loss of self-confidence.

It may not seem obvious but if you live entirely in the present, you are in control.

And, your body (your cells) must be functioning well in order for you to feel that you are in a state of wellness. You can’t be in control without a good night’s sleep, because poor sleep leads to hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and several other problems.

You need a steady flow of energy from regular eating habits and a whole-foods diet to maintain wellness. There can’t be constant stress, which steadily erodes the body’s ability to rebalance itself after the last stress response has occurred. Chronic low-grade stress is a major hidden wellness hazard in our modern lives.

According to Deepak Chopra, “we are also embedded in the field of infinite intelligence that we call consciousness, but unlike a cell, we can lose contact with that field.”

To be in control requires that we tune in to the level of consciousness that isn’t disturbed by all of the external stress and anxiety. This is actually a natural steady state, but in our lives with its stress, distractions and fast pace, remaining steady and in the present moment requires us to be consciously mindful.

So…how do we cultivate present-moment awareness and stay in control?

If you are present in the here and now, you are in control. When we practice meditation for a period of time, it’s much easier for us to remain mindful and to return to present-moment awareness. But, you can also quickly return to a state of awareness by finding a quiet place to be alone, closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and finding your center again.

When the out-of-control mentality arises, and it will to be sure, remember to step back, breathe, and find your balance.

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