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My practice is a beautiful hybrid combination of my education through the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Sciences in Compassion-Based Psychotherapy and Embodied Transformation and my expertise and experience as a Spiritual Counselor, Meditation and Life Coach at Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center. I have been a conduit for transformation by teaching meditation for over seven years, leading a private coaching practice at the Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center in San Diego and recently opened Satsang House Spiritual and Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona. I offer a wide array of coaching, meditation, workshop and retreat opportunities in both locations as well as comprehensive transformational online programs worldwide. I am also available for public speaking engagements and corporate training events.

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Life Coaching

Starting where you are, Maggie's psycho-spiritual approach will be a conduit for transformation toward the life you envision. Appointments can be held in person at the stunning Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center in San Diego or over Zoom worldwide.

Spiritual Guidance

Whether you are just starting along your path of spiritual exploration or wanting to deepen and enhance your current journey, let Spiritual Coach and Mediation Teacher Maggie Kelly be your mentor and guide toward lasting and lifelong transformation.


Maggie offers a wide variety of meditation classes, workshops, retreats and community gatherings for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Many of these offerings are donation-based in support of the children of Ukraine through UNICEF.


Transforming your life has nothing to do with changing your circumstances.


You already have everything you need!


Emotions are stickier than facts. Most of us hold on to our old resentments, grievances, fears and wounds. The feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed and uncertain will leave you once we create a path for them to follow. Let Maggie help you identify and free you from the imprints and sticky things that are keeping you from living an inspired, purposeful and awakened life!


Are you ready to deconstruct your limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior so you can reignite and live the life you envision?


Let’s connect for a free 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together!

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Meditation and Retreat Center: Satsang House

San Diego, CA

Serene and stunning haven for community and personal connection, meditation, transformation and reflection. Private Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Intros to Meditation and Community Events.

Sedona, AZ

A desert oasis located in the stunning mountains of Red Rock country along Cottonwood Creek facing one of Sedona’s most powerful vortexes. Retreats, Workshops, Rentals.

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